Iran among five major machine-woven carpet exporters: Official

Tehran, March 3, The Iran Project – The deputy of the ministry of industry says Iran ranks fifth in export of machine-woven carpets in the world after China, Turkey, India and Belgium.

Golnaz Nasrollahi, General Director of the Department of Textile and Clothing Industry, Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, made the remarks during her speech at the Third National Congress of Iran’s Machine-Woven Carpets in Islamic Azad University of Kashan on Wednesday night.

Stressing Iran’s annual expert of nearly 350 million dollar, she stated that Iran currently stands fifth in the world after China, Turkey, India and Belgium in producing machine woven carpets.

Nasrollahi Referred to the existence of more than 100 thousand units for producing machine-woven carpets, highlighting the large share of private sector in manufacturing such carpets, textile and dyeing in Iran.

“Founding this industry on the basis of a capable private sector, and moving forward based on a well-structured plan and distribution network are the efficient factors in development of this industry in the country,” she underlined elsewhere in her remarks.

She also went on to add that the illicit trafficking of goods is a serious challenge ahead of this industry, noting that in order to block the entrance of such goods, the united action of all related bodies and association is needed.