Gregory Karasin

Russian foreign ministry official to visit Iran

Moscow, Feb 27, IRNA – Russian Foreign Ministry Deputy Gregory Karasin is to visit Iran this week.

He is visiting Tehran to discuss issues pertaining to the Caspian Sea, Central Asia and Caucasia with Iranian officials.

During his two-day visit to Iran which is to start on March 2, he will also hold talks with the Iranian Foreign Ministry Deputy for Asia and Pacific to review issues of mutual interest.

The two officials are also to discuss the situation in Ukraine and the process of implementation of Minsk agreement.

Iran and Russia regularly exchange views on buffer zones such as the Caspian Sea and Central Asia which lead to further cooperation and understanding on regional issues.

On January 26, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Rahimpour visited Moscow and met with his Russian counterpart Igor V. Morgulov.

During the meeting, he discussed bilateral ties and regional developments.

The two officials underlined the need for the reinvigorating and bolstering of mutual cooperation in different spheres.

The Iranian and Russian deputy foreign ministers also discussed the important issues related to the expansion of bilateral ties by considering the agreements reached between the two countries during the visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Iran late November.

Facilitating the issuance of visas between Iran and Russia was one of the important agreements reached between Iran and Russia during President Putin’s visit to Iran on November 23.