Russia stresses importance of dialogue with Syrian govt.

MOSCOW, Feb. 24 (MNA) – Finding a solution to the conflict in Syria is impossible without a direct dialogue with the authorities of Syria, a source from the Kremlin has stressed.

The presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov told reporters that Moscow and Damascus were locked in ongoing dialogue, and Russia is precisely one of the few countries that keeps in contact with ‘only legitimate authorities’ of the Levantine nation.

The Kremlin spokesman stressed on the coordination between the parties in general about the political settlement of the Syrian crisis, but specified that the positions, due to natural differences, were not identical, said Peskov. As an example, the official confirmed the talks held on Wednesday between President Vladimir Putin and his Syrian counterpart, Bashar Al-Assad, in relation to the recent ceasefire agreement.

Mr. Peskov who was speaking to a press conference, said that the negotiations between Russia and the United States for a truce agreement in Syria occurred without the involvement of Damascus. During a live speech on Monday night President Vladimir Putin had made public a pact with his counterpart Barack Obama for an immediate ceasefire in Syria, starting February 27th  at 00.00 (local time). The president said that the compromise was reached in a telephone conversation with Obama, initiated by Moscow.

Putin added the truce did not cover the organizations recognized as terrorist by the UN Security Council, counting the ISIL and Al-Nusra Front. These were closed negotiations between two countries, which may actually contribute to a solution to the conflict, said Peskov, answering questions from the press about Russian-American talks. The Kremlin spokesman believed that Bashar Al-Assad as the only legitimate president of Syria, and as head of state, and that he “may have his own views about the different variants of the settlement of the Syrian crisis.”

According to Peskov, Russia and the United States were exercising their influence to ‘bring the positions of those countries that have positions and ideas contrary to a solution.’ In answer to a question whether Moscow knew of the existence of a ‘Plan B’ from the United States regarding Syria, he said Russia was concentrated in the plan divulged on Monday by both countries.
“Our priority is to work on the realization of the initiative made by our presidents for a ceasefire in relation to groups who support the proposal,” he said. The Russian press echoed a report by The Wall Street Journal, which presented versions of officials from the White House about an alternative option in case of failure of the truce, leveled, of course, at Russia. Mentions were made to a more effective coverage of an offensive by the so-called moderate opposition, to a new package of economic sanctions against Russia, according to the article in the US publication.

By Mehr News Agency