American defeat of ISIL would be ‘laughable’

The idea that the United States would someday defeat Daesh terrorists is “laughable” given the support Washington has provided for them, says an analyst, noting that US military presence in the region is aimed at “complete dominance” of the Middle East.

The US has recently increased its presence particularly in Iraq, where more Pentagon contractors have reportedly been deployed while plans are underway for construction of two new military bases.

“It’s clear that the United States is trying to maintain its foothold in the region,” said New-York based scholar Derek Ford. “Over the last 15 years, the plan of the United States, which was initially complete dominance of the region, has unfolded.”

According to Pentagon data, as of January, 2,028 Pentagon contractors were present in Iraq, up from 250 one year earlier. In addition, another 5,800 are working for other US agencies, including the State Department.

Furthermore, two bases are slated to be set up in the Hamarah region, northeast of the city of Fallujah and in the Anbar province on the border with Syria, according to an Iraqi military source.

The US is trying to “maintain its influence so that it can subordinate the region to its interest,” Ford said. “The idea that the US military will be effective in any way in combating forces that it has really supported and enabled over the past several years… is laughable.”

Apart from that, the US has “refused to cooperate” with forces that are really fighting the Takfiris, including the Syrian army.

The US withdrew its military forces from Iraq in 2011 but violence still batters the country and its neighbor, Syria.

Daesh terrorists wreaking havoc in the two Muslim countries were originally trained by the CIA in Jordan in an attempt to bring down the government in Damascus.

By Press TV