New chapter in Iran-Turkey ties: Ambassador

Tehran, February 17, The Iran Project – Iranian Ambassador to Ankara has said a new chapter will be opened in Iran’s relations with Turkey, stressing that the two countries can affect regional and international developments.

In a meeting with Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the Head of Turkish Republican People’s Party (CHP) on Wednesday, Iranian Ambassador to Ankara Alireza Bigdeli referred to the opening of a new chapter in Iran-Turkey relations and said on the path to sustainable development, the two countries can play a complementary role to each other and the world of Islam.

Bigdeli also pointed to the role of Turkish parties in shaping the legislative assembly, choosing the government, and decision-makings, adding that it is important to expand the relations between Turkish and Iranian parties to develop parliamentary cooperation.

Based on the decisions taken, and to deepen relations between the two countries in various aspects of political, economic and cultural, and especially in resolving regional challenges, a new chapter will be opened in Iran-Turkey relations, Iranian official stressed.

Referring to the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey in the region, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu also emphasized on the efforts of political parties and movements in the two countries to expand the relations between the two governments.

Close cooperation between Iran and Turkey as the two countries having culture and civilization will also help solve regional issues, head of Turkish Republican People’s Party (CHP) added.

Iranian Ambassador to Ankara has already announced that Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani will make an official visit to the neighboring Turkey within the coming months.