Aleppo: Syrian air force destroys militants’ military grid, gathering centers

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian air force destroyed the militants’ sensitive military positions and gathering centers in three strategic towns in Aleppo province.

Scores of militants were killed and wounded in the army attacks on their positions in the towns of Al-Bab, Qabasin, Beza and Susian on Wednesday.

The terrorists’ positions were also razed down by the Syrian fighter jets in Handarat and Hraytan. The militants sustained heavy losses and casualties in the Syrian airstrikes on their positions.

In a relevant development earlier today, the Syrian Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” (YPG) engaged in heavy fighting with the militant groups in at least two neighborhoods of the Northern city of Aleppo, and pushed the terrorists back from a medical center.

The YPG fighters, who have recently allied with the Syrian government, attacked the militants’ centers in the neighborhoods of Bani Zeid and al-Ashrafiyeh and captured the hospital of Hanan following several hours of clashes

The militants suffered a heavy death toll and retreated from their positions to evade more casualties.

The Kurdish fighters have recently joined the Syria army in the fight against the militant groups in the city of Aleppo.

In relevant development in the Northern battlefield of the country on Tuesday, militant sites’ structures and their hardware were severely razed by Syrian and Russian warplanes in two key towns in the Northern regions of Aleppo province.

The sources in the area confirmed that the joint aerial operation in Anadan and Hraytan inflicted significant damage on the militants, adding a number of terrorists were also killed in the aerial raids.

Also on Tuesday, the Russian and Syrian fighter jets, in a surgical operation over the city of Aleppo targeted several militants’ positions across the city inflicting damage on militants’ structures and their hardware in different parts of the city.

As Syrian forces are increasing pressure on militants in the Northern parts of the Aleppo province near the Turkish border, militants are struggling to find a way to escape the regions almost besieged by Syrian soldiers and their Kurdish allies.

By Fars News Agency