Violence against women in Takfiri-held areas

Alwaght- Violence against the women covers a wide layer of descriptions and concrete examples and evidences. As a devastating factor, the violence against women has played a big role in the women’s feeling of insecurity which shows itself in a variety of ways.

It seems that the takfiri culture develops the violence against women as part of its indigenous nature. Downgrading the women to an object or a product for consumption, the takfiri ideology brutally violates their humanity esteem. It makes them feel as if they never know who they are. To put it another way, according to takfiri ideology the women should never know who they are. Actually, what they are, instead of who they are, is the most significant question which helps figure out their identity in the eyes of takfiri ideology.

The violence against women in takfiris’ worldview expands to the point that any assault against their personality is seen as permissible. The ISIS terror group’s approach to women could be analyzed as it stands as one of the most significant and notable doctrinal and ideological backgrounds of a takfiri-Salafi extremist group. Lacking any theatrical background, ISIS promotes inhuman violent actions against women. The viewpoints and fatwas, like the woman is all evil and the woman is a devil, issued by some of the muftis loyal to the terror group indicate how deep their deviation from the real Islam is.

It must be noted that ISIS’ immoral vision of the women has brought about an array of violent actions against them which include taking them as sex slaves and war slaves.

The sexual violence, or to be precise the sex abuse, is a small part of the takfiris’ wide-ranging violence against women. Meanwhile, creating their own heresies in the Islamic teachings and even in Islam in general, the Wahhabi takfiris issue their own fatwas, justifying abuse of women. An example is the Syrian women who perhaps have experienced one of the toughest moments of their life under a culture of discrimination and violence against the women and girls after ISIS gained control of a set of areas of the Syrian territory.

The women in the ISIS-held regions have seen all types of sufferings as the war has kept unfolding. In fact, takfiri muftis’ fatwas, like legality of raping the no-Sunni women in Syria and elsewhere, have made many women victims of sexual abuses, or fatwas calling for sex jihad of women have made them victims of group and individual sex abuses of militants who are armed and equipped by the takfiri groups. Slanting the sharia law, the ISIS terrorist militants justify and explain their subjecting the women to sex slavery.

Another interestingly concrete and controversial evidence of takfiris’ misogynistic violence could be seen in the transformation of the role of the women through forcing them into war fronts as war slaves. How do the takfiri muftis persuade the women to attend the war fronts for fighting? For example some of the takfiri muftis have issued jihad fatwas, arming the women and sending them to the battlefields. The women are convinced to be present at the rebel fighters’ war fronts by the deceptions and allurement of the Wahhabi muftis. The muftis promise the women salvation in the other world in exchange for their battlefield service.

The violence against women reaches a climax when the women flee to strip themselves off their takfiri-made fake identity. A large number of the Syrian women have been displaced only to set themselves free from a status in which they lack any identity. The Syrian female refugees, who are struggling to pass to the European countries through the Turkish soil, have put up with all the risks of sailing through the highly dangerous Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore they have been made victims of many harms and abuses including the forced marriage.

The violence against women whether in public or in her private life has killed many opportunities that are available for them? It has not only deprived the women of obtaining any kind of equality, including legal, cultural and economic equalities, but also it has questioned their identity.

Introducing their own heresies to Islam, the takfiris are busy propagating what is not a real Islamic culture. In other words, uncivilization is the genuine feature of the takfiris. Undoubtedly, where the civilization and culture look nonsense, there remains no place for development of man’s identity and who he is. This is a fact that triggers the violent acts carried out against women by the takfiris. Since its gaining ground in Iraq and Syria, the ISIS terrorist group has been systematically abducting the women and girls and subjecting them to sexual abuse. The group also makes profits through selling the women as sex slaves. The media evidences actually have left no room for doubt about the violent acts of the takfiri groups against the women.

The question that come down is what can be done to stop such a phenomena? To this end, not only the Muslims and the prominent Muslim world’s clerics but also the humanity as a whole should join efforts to confront the takfiris’ ideology justifying violence against women, as the takfiri superstitions need to be encountered. Activating cultural works and launching media campaigns for getting people familiar with the real Islamic teachings and thinking about the rights of women and helping women have a right familiarity with Islam would help have an understanding of Islam and, besides, it could help dry up the takfiri ideology’s roots. Once this goal is achieved, it would stand as a real liberation of women from the violence’s entrapment. This is feasible only through understanding the genuine Islam and taking.

By Alwaght