21 candidates to compete for each seat of Parliament

TEHRAN, Feb. 06 (MNA) – Guardian Council has approved general qualities of 1500 other registered nominees once disqualified for nomination.

On Saturday, the Interior Ministry announced the list of candidates who had filed official objections to the initial verdict of the Guardian Council along with the result of secondary verdict. About 1500 such candidates were approved this time. The official list of total registrations indicated that of 12,000 registered individuals the executive body of elections disqualified only 800 individuals.

The supervisory body however, approved qualities of only 40 per cent of the total registered individuals; it also disqualified 26 per cent, and came to no decisive verdict on 28 per cent of the registered individuals. Siamak Rahpeik, the Supervisory body’s spokesperson told reporters on Saturday that the 1500 approved individuals for candidacy improved the number of competitions for each seat of the Parliament to roughly 21 candidates. “The Council will hear another round of objections to its secondary verdict in the course of a week; the final list of candidates will then be announced by general city governorates in February 18,” he added.

By Mehr News Agency