President Rouhani invites Italian counterpart to visit Tehran

Tehran, Jan 27, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday invited his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella to visit Tehran.

President Rouhani, who is now in Rome, also invited the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to travel to Iran.

Talking to the Italian correspondents prior to his departure for Paris, France, President Rouhani said he has invited the two top officials of Italy and they have welcomed the invitations.

On his visit to Rome, Rouhani said the Italian people are very hospitable.

Elaborating on his meeting with Pope Francis that was held on Tuesday, Rouhani said the meeting focused on the issues of freedom of expression, Islamic religion, violence and extremism.

He further described the meeting as very good, adding that the two sides had the same viewpoints on all issues.

Rouhani held a meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican City on Tuesday.

It was the first meeting of an Iranian president with leader of the Catholic Christians after 16 years.

During our talks, ‘we discussed how to use our influence to annihilate weapons of mass destruction,’ Rouhani told reporters.

Rouhani, heading a high-ranking Iranian delegation, arrived in Italy on Monday.

As Rouhani said the talks with Pope Francis also focused on his proposal to the UN for an updated version of the 2013 WAVE resolution that seeks a world free of violence and extremism.

Rouhani stressed importance of the effective roles the Islamic faiths play in fight with violence and extremism.

All religions should be respected, Rouhani said stressing that creating rift between the human societies will not serve interests of anyone.

Freedom of expression does not mean insult to religious sanctities or people’s beliefs, said Rouhani also adding freedom does not mean violation of people’s privacy.