Tajikistan calls for cooperation with Iran in energy sector

Tehran, January 25, The Iran Project – A Tajik official demands Iranian Sunir firm to cooperate in Tajikistan energy sector.

During a meeting with Sunir (Iran Power & Water Equipment & Service Export Company) senior officials, Nezami, Tajikistan ambassador’s consultant to Tehran called Iranian firm to cooperate with Tajikistan energy sector.

He underlined Tajik senior officials willing to implement the water and electricity projects in the countries, saying that eastern part of the country is suitable for building an electricity power plant.

Elsewhere in this meeting, Bahman Salehi, Sunir Manager Director welcomed the Tajik side proposal, adding that together with 21 shareholders the firm will be able to provide the country with the technical equipment and engineering services.

Noting two decades of activities in energy industries, Salehi highlighted the 200 projects implemented by the firm across the region.

Referring to the firm’s current projects in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Oman, Iraqi Kurdistan, Armenia, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia, he also pointed to the the existence of natural resources such as coal and water in Tajikistan.