JCPOA an opportunity to link Iran to global economy

Kish Island, Hormuzgan Prov., Jan 23, IRNA – Vice-Chairman of Chamber of Commerce says under the present circumstances using the tools for networking economic activities has started.

‘We believe the opportunity created by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) can link economic activists in other countries with members of the Chamber and private activists and this is among our initial duties.’

Speaking to IRNA, Pedram Soltani commented on the Chamber’s plan in the post-sanctions era and said: “The Chamber of Commerce has taken measures in this regard and has formulated plans from early this year for the next four years ahead.”
He added: “In the first stage, interaction of economic activists with their counterparts in other countries is among priorities in order to follow up the affairs with higher speed and quality.”

He pointed to seriousness and deepening of cooperation with the government and other branches for the improvement of business environment as the second mission. “The opportunities available in the business environment are not necessarily used and this may cause frustration of the investor.”
The vice-chairman of the Chamber of Commerce further remarked that in case an appropriate atmosphere is not prepared for the foreign investors who are expected in the aftermath of JCPOA, there is the possibility that they would abandon the environment and make negatively propaganda against business conditions in Iran.

He stressed that the government should take more serious measures in this regard and prepare the required condition and atmosphere for business.
Soltani referred to the strengthening of capability of the domestic private sector as another important issue and said: “In order to use such opportunities advantage should be taken from tools such as networking, education and promotion; it is important to play up the capability of the domestic private sector by linking them together; in other worlds the size of the private sector is smaller than the developed corporations and even our measurable enterprises and this small sector is not capable of undertaking great measures to the required extent in our economy.”

Soltani referred to the change in Iran’s profile in the international community and said for years Iran’s profile had been unjustly presented as undesirable.