A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on Jan 17

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Sunday and picked headlines from 12 of them( will be update). IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.



1- Sanctions become history

Sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear program are lifted following confirmation of Tehran’s commitment to​ Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

2- Hardline reformist: No miracle expected by sanctions relief

Sadeq Zibakalam, an outspoken Iranian intellectual and political commentator, has posted an article on the daily saying that the sanctions relief will not do miracles in Iran’s economy.

3- Who made it to the ballots?

A report on the list of qualified Assembly of Experts candidates.

42% of applicants qualified

4- Firms line up to sell planes to Iran

Obama allows sale of aircraft to Iran as nuclear deal nears implementation stage

5- Burden of pollution shirked [by state organizations in Iran]

A report on the organizational responsibilities for curbing the choking air pollution of Iran’s mega cities.




1- Zarif, Mogherini meet in Geneva

2- Guardian Council spokesman resigns

3- Second UNSC meeting on seized Syrian regions






1- Budget bill submitted to parliament

2- Argentinean-made medicines sold as locally produced drugs

3- World music managers heading to Iran

4- Soaring disputes over hotel room prices






1- Sanctions gone too

2- Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani congratulates leader, nation on the nuclear victory

3- Iran releases four dual-national inmates in prisoner swap with the US





1- Morning without sanctions

2- Markets on the last days of sanctions

A report on Iran’s market on the last day of the country under sanctions






1- Majlis Speaker: Sanctions relief favorable opportunity for Iran development

2- Iran, France agreement on buying 114 civilian aircraft from Airbus

Iran will buy 114 passenger planes from Airbus Group SE after the removal of sanctions, Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhoundi told state media on Saturday.

3- Moscow: Russian forces released 217 Syrian regions from terrorists’ occupation

4- US releases 7 Iranian detainees

5- Avian industry development needs national resolve





1- Children rise in honor of veteran musician

OstadHomayounKhorram was an Iranian musician, composer, violinist, and a member of the high council of Iran’s house of music. He died in 2013 but was revered in a ceremony in Tehran on Saturday.

2- Iran capital sinking 36cm annually: Power Minister

Plans must be adopted to prevent the megacity’s sinking. This may affect railroad network and the subway system.

3- Police: Online trickster captured





1- JCPOA test for P5+1

2- Excitements in forex, stock markets

3- $30m US budget for infiltrating into Iran

4- Cleric criticizes illegal ownership of river banks

Head of Iran’s Court of Administrative Justice criticized illegal ownership of lands in river banks across the country.





Sanctions’ dissolution

After 13 years, Iran turns nuclear crisis to diplomatic victory.

President Rouhani thanks nation for nuclear victory





1- Iran fulfills nuclear commitments; JCPOA on implementation stage

JCPOA ball in West’s court

2- Iran market reacts to JCPOA implementation

3- Warm winter hangouts in Tehran

4- Man uses Facebook to get even with wife

5- Beneath GEM [satellite channel]






1- Most competitive elections ever

A report on the campaigns by hopefuls of the Assembly of Experts and Parliament elections due next month in Iran.

2- Iran road map one day after JCPOA implementation

3- Iran, US swap prisoners





1- Senior state officials endorse JCPOA implementation

2- No one honors Iran’s avian industry: Minister of Roads

3- Landmark political, economic deals by sanctions removal

4- 6 Saudi, 1 UAE officers wasted in clashes with Yemeni forces

5- Petchem feedstock pricing details released


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