Petroleum Ministry official calls for measures to cut air pollution

Tehran, Dec 27, IRNA – A senior official with the Petroleum Ministry on Sunday called for measures to cut air pollution, saying that different factors are contributing to air pollution of the large Iranian cities that have to be dealt with.

Shahabeddin Mattaji said that fuel used by cars is just one of the factors contributing to air pollution and other factors should not be neglected.
The most efforts to bring air pollution under control have been made by the Petroleum Ministry so far, but as long as other factors are not taken into consideration, no solution to the problem could be found, Mattaji said.
The share of car fuels in air pollution is lower than other factors, he said, noting that it is necessary to properly analyze the issue of air pollution in large cities.
Mattaji said that finding a lasting solution to the issue of air pollution needs a comprehensive plan that has to deal with fuel efficiency in industries, particularly in auto industry and renovation of public transportation system.