Rahmani Fazli

US, Israel behind plight of Muslims: Interior Minister

Zahedan, Dec 24, IRNA – Minister of Interior Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli said that problems faced by people of the Islamic countries are because of greedy and selfish behavior of the US and Zionists.

‘The world of force and oppression is after creating problems for the Islamic community and intends to destroy and deviate pure Islam,’ he told a local meeting here on Thursday to commemorate birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
‘The western countries which follow liberal, and socialist systems, have failed to secure justice and freedom because they have materialistic intentions,’ he added.
‘The Islamic Iran has attained such a power that none of the regional decisions are taken in its absence,’ the minister said adding that Iranians have made achievements by following teachings of the holy prophet.
Rahmani-Fazli is visiting the eastern Sistan-va-Baluchestan province to inaugurate development projects in commemoration of Prophet Mohmmad’s birth anniversary which starts the Unity Week in Iran between Shia and Sunni Muslims.