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Israel consolidates “apartheid” regime through illegal settlements: Abbas

President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas

Tehran, December 24, The Iran Project- The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called Israel an “apartheid” regime which killed the prospect of peace, heavily criticized it for its illegal settlements and separation barriers across the occupied territories.

In a message on the occasion of Christmas that released on Wednesday, Abbas slammed Israeli government as an “apartheid” regime which has occupied Palestinian lands and has been forcing the people into exile for several decades.

He also demanded protection to Palestinian people, further noting that “extremist Israeli settlers continue to attack Palestinians, including their mosques and churches, through acts of vandalism and terror.”

Meanwhile in Ramallah, Israeli forces raided the villages and injured dozens of people. The clashes were reportedly broke out between youths and forces, when Israeli troops opened fire at protesters injuring dozens of them.

They also raided a school in the western part of the city with live fire and rubber bullets, wounding at least four students and detaining another. The Palestinian resources reported that during the Israeli storm at a village in east of Ramallah, at least nine people were shot injured with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Locals also said that Israeli troops fired tear gas bombs onto a girls’ school in al-Khalil area, causing dozens of minor students to suffer from gas inhalation.

Israeli forces fired tear gas bombs onto the premises of the Zahrat al-Madaim School, causing schoolgirls to suffer from tear gas inhalation, locals said.

A Palestinian school girl who has suffered from Israeli tear gas bombs in al-Khalil

Elsewhere in East al-Quds, two Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire. The Palestinian resources said that Israeli forces killed two Palestinians on Wednesday, over the claim of stabbing attack against Israeli police. During two Palestinians’ martyrdom attack, two other Israelis also were reportedly killed and another was injured.

The Palestinian resources said that nearly 130 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli military forces and settlers since violence increased at the beginning of October.

Palestinian locals in Bethlehem on Wednesday said that Israel has restricted the free movement of Palestinian residents in the city for weeks. Israeli military forces have closed off the main entrance of a village since three weeks ago. The Israeli military spokesperson alleged that the measures have been taken for “security purposes.”

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