Iran seeks to promote sports hijab in Muslim countries

Tehran, December 14, The Iran Project- A senior official at Iran’s Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports says Iran seeks to introduce a role model of a Muslim woman and to create a condition for Muslim countries to take part in sports with Islamic dress code known as hijab.

Speaking in the second regional symposium of International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW) in Tehran on Monday, Robab Shahrian, the Ministry of Sports and Youth’s deputy for women’s sports said Iran government attempts to eliminate discrimination against women and to empower them in sports.

Elsewhere in her remarks, Shahrian noted that Iran seeks to introduce the role model of a Muslim woman, adding that Iran aims to create conditions in which Muslim countries women participate in the events while wearing hijab.

Referring the Iranian women achievements in international competitions, she further explained that Iranian female athletes so far have secured Iran 4 Olympic and 19 Paralympic quotas.

The second regional symposium of IAPESGW is currently underway in Tehran from 14-15th December 2015. Women’s empowerment in sports, history and philosophy of women sports and women sports in Islamic countries are among the main themes of this symposium.