Government spokesman: ‘Erdogan’s recent statements controversial’

TEHRAN, Dec. 08 (MNA) – Reacting to the Turkish president’s remarks, Iran’s government spokesman said Erdogan’s comments are questionable since Iran’s FM has warned stronger powers against threatening Iranian nationals.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday morning, Government spokesman Mohammad Bagher Nobakht deemed the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent statements as controversial and incorrect adding “in a telephone conversation with the Iranian President in August, Erdogan had expressed concerns over the claim that an Iranian media had published a story about him and his family were Rouhani urged the Turkish counterpart to be more tolerant with regard to the media as this is the nature of media all over the world.”

Emphasizing that the telephone conversation is still available, Nobakht noted “today, Turkey make the claim of having been threatened by Iran which is not the case.”

“Meanwhile, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has always warned powers stronger than Turkey not to threat the Iranian nation,” underlined the spokesman highlighting that the comments mentioned in the telephone conversation were merely marginal issues.

Nobakht further questioned the performance of Erdogan’s advisors noting “currently, Turkey is involved with Iraq, Russia and Syria and surprisingly seeks to add Iran to the list which will definitely compound their problems.”

The official expressed satisfaction towards Turkey’s Muslim nation who has voted for the largest Islamic party in the country hoping that a government made of Muslim diplomats will lead to strengthening of relations with neighboring countries as well as spreading peace and friendship.

Questioning the actions of Turkish government’s consultants, Nobakht added “Turkey has been accused of supporting ISIL, the detested group in the Islamic World; Turkey might need to hire more experienced advisors.”

The government spokesman also referred to the issue of PMD (Possible Military Dimensions) adding “the final decision on whether to close PMD will be announced on December 15 and according to the Leader’s remarks, JCPOA will only be executed upon the closure of PMD.”

Referring to the Monday meeting between Iranian Deputy FM and Top Negotiator Seyed Abbas Araghchi and the representatives of the 5+1, the official said the closing of PMD has been emphasized during the session leading to satisfactory results.

“Amano’s report pertains to the Board of Governors indicating that Iran’s nuclear activities are peaceful,” noted Nobakht expressing hope that the international sanctions will be removed in near future.

By Mehr News Agency