Kerry’s support of Israeli state terror proves double-standard on self defense

Tehran, November 25, The Iran Project- In comments before a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, the US Secretary of State once again demonstrates the US double-standards approach in dealing with the concept of self-defense.

In the speech he delivered on Tuesday, he called the Palestinian self-defense the act of “terror”, while simply made no mention of 50 years of illegal occupation of Palestine, Israeli state terror and its criminal measures against Palestinians on a daily basis.

He spoke of the Israel’s right to defend itself from the so-called “terrorism” and “senseless violence” amid the news related to killing of 93 Palestinians by Israeli fire in Palestine since October.

Hours after meeting with Israeli prime minister, John Kerry also held talks with President Mahmoud Abbas. In the meeting Kerry also alleged that the US is “committed to two states with two people, living side by side in peace and security.”

The US official visit came amid Israeli aggression against the Palestinians. In the latest tension, dozens of Israeli settlers attacked the Palestinians in olive farmlands in a village in south of Nablus on Tuesday.

Witnesses told the Palestinian resources that over 30 settlers attacked the Palestinians who were picking olives, setting fire to their trees.

Such violence against Palestinian’s are while under an agreement earlier, Palestinian farmers are allowed to take the olive harvest.

The Israeli settlers of the illegal settlements in Palestinian occupied territories regularly attack and harass the Palestinians whose annual living depends on their olive products.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian man was shot and wounded by Israeli fire in Nablus on Tuesday morning. Israeli police spokesperson has alleged that the Palestinian rammed his car into a group of Israeli security personnel, injuring four Israelis soldiers.

Elsewhere in al-Khalil, Israeli soldiers raided a refugee camp and a village, searching and ransacking Palestinians’ homes on early Tuesday. Witnesses in the refugee camp told that Israeli troops also fired live rounds through the area and detained several Palestinians including children.

Another 31 Palestinians including minors also were detained by Israeli in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds overnight Monday. Israeli army spokesperson alleged that four of the detainees were “active Hamas operatives.”

Israeli forces also detained two Palestinian children in Bethlehem and Beit Ummar on Tuesday. Witnesses told the Palestinian resources that a nine-year-old boy was detained by Israeli troops on his way home from school, being transferred to jail for questioning. Another 8-year-old Palestinian minor also was arrested while his family was prevented from approaching him. Palestinian Prisoners Society earlier announced that Israeli forces detained 416 Palestinians, including 122 minors.