Iran to start massive drill Tuesday

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran plans to hold a military drill dubbed “Prophet Mohammad 3” on November 17-18 in northeastern part of the country.

“The Islamic Iran is facing a new face of threats named proxy wars and terrorist groups are its actors,” said Commander of Army Ground Force Ahmad-Reza Pour-Dastan.

He said that the drill would be held in two defense and security sections. The proxy wars situation is redesigned in the security section.

He noted that Iran would unveil a number of weapons on April 17 concurrent with the National Army Day.

Pour-Dastan said that Iran held three drills and five technical drills last year. These military exercises do not mean war threat, but mean boosting capabilities and providing guarantee for people.

Infantry, armored and artillery units as well as drones and fighters would be used in Prophet Mohammad 3 military exercise.

The drill is held with the aim of boosting preparation of the units and their deterrence capacity.