Vienna meeting must determine who is terrorist

TEHRAN, Nov. 10 (MNA) – Secretary of Supreme National Security Council has said Iran’s participation in Vienna Syrian talks seek to decide on which warring groups in Syria are terrorists.

Ali Shamkhani who was speaking in a press conference during a visit to Press Expo on Tuesday, touched upon the recent move from the Parliament over stopping the dismantling of configures; “a warning came effective, which abandoned dismantling of centrifuges in Natanz and Fordow,” he added.

On the establishment of JCPOA special committee on Parliament and SNSC meeting, Shamkhani said that a meeting on Wednesday would address the issue for a final decision. On enemies’ efforts to restrict Iran’s missile program and defense, Shamkhani said that no reduction of Iran’s deterrence capabilities or slowing its pace is acceptable in the view of 37 years of continuous progress in defensive capacities.

Shamkhani also responded to a question on Iran’s participation in Vienna-II round of Syrian talks; “Iran’s participation will have as its objective decision on the nature of terrorist groups; Iran’s participation also seeks to protect Syrian people’s rights; our well-principled solution to regional crises including Syria has a permanent nature, which is a political solution where native players of Syria should sit in a dialogue,” he asserted.

“The backlash of refugees swarming the European countries and the threat of Takfirist terrorism have been only belatedly understood after 4 years, which we had predicted on the wake of the unrest in Syria; Vienna talks should determine who is terrorist; ISIL and Al-Nusra Front are arch-terrorists and major source of conflict in the country; it should also address the ways by which Syrian people could decide on their future,” Shamkhani told reporters.

By Mehr News Agency