IME trading totals $207 mln early Nov

TEHRAN (ISNA)- 465,507 MT of commodities worth more than $207 million were traded in spot and secondary markets of Iran Mercantile Exchange, volume and value of trading experienced 60% and 57% of growth, respectively in the first week of November.

In the domestic and export metals and minerals pit of IME, approximately 199,240 MT of various products worth more than $90 million were traded in the first week of November.

On this trading floor, 192,292 MT of steel products, 6,045 MT of copper products, 700 MT of aluminum, 140 MT of molybdenum concentrate, 60 MT of zinc, 3 MT of precious metals concentrates and 15 Kg of gold bullion were traded.

The report declares that on domestic and export oil and petrochemical trading floors of IME, 256,647 MT of different commodities with the total value of $110 million were traded.

On this trading floor, more than 99,981 MT of bitumen, 43,730 MT of polymer products, 67 KT of VB, 19,900 MT of lube cut, 14,316 MT of chemical products, 1,770 MT of insulation and 9,950 MT of sulfur were traded.

Moreover, on the agricultural trading floor, 6,700 MT of crude vegetable oil, 2,400 MT of maize, 400 MT of oil seeds and 2 Kg of saffron were traded by the customers.