Turkey asks for gas imports from Iran to cope with harsh winter

Tehran, Nov 7, IRNA – Turkey has asked for more Iranian gas to be able to cope with the unprecedented harsh winter conditions, an Iranian official said.

Iranian National Gas Company official, Manouchehr Taheri, said on Saturday that Ankarar has asked Iran to increase the volume of its gas exports to Turkey which presently stands at about 31 million cubic meters per day.

Noting that the region is going to experience harsh winter this year, he said his company has already devised preparatory measures to render proper services to the nation.

He said the company has been storing up about one billion cubic meters of gas in the pipelines with another 2.1 billion cubic meters being stored in two underground reservoirs.

The official noted that Iran’s gas consumption volume almost doubled to 320 million cubic meters a day last week due to cold weather.

According to the official, the volume of Iran’s gas imports and exports stood almost at the same volume this year.

Taheri said about 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas were exported with the same amount entering the country.