Germany welcomes Iran’s planned attendance at Syria talks

Berlin, Oct 28, IRNA — German foreign ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer on Wednesday welcomed Iran’s planned participation at the international talks on Syria in Vienna aimed at ending the bloodshed in that war-stricken country, according to IRNA.

Reiterating Iran’s regional importance, Schaeefer said Iran’s inclusion in the talks is the only and proper way to settle the Syrian crisis.

He added the historic Vienna nuclear agreement provided the chance to talk about regional solutions with Tehran, among them Syria.

Schaefer expressed hope that Friday’s Syria meeting in Vienna could find a way by ‘entering into a political process’ geared at ending the war in that country.

The German diplomat cautioned though it was still ‘a very long and rocky road’ when it came to settling the Syrian conflict.

Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is to head to the Austrian capital on Thursday to take part in the Syria meeting.

Steinmeier has repeatedly called for Tehran’s inclusion in the Syrian talks, saying Iran was a key country for a diplomatic solution of the five-year Syrian civil war.