Iran ranks first in organ transplantation in region: Health Minister

Tehran, October 22, The Iran Project – Health Minister says Iran ranks first in the area of transplantation, noting the country has been unrivaled in this surgical procedure.

Speaking to Jamejam TV channel on Thursday, Seyyed Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi Iran’s Health Minister highlighted the country’s advances in the area of medical science compare to other countries in the region.

Referring to 60 medical universities in the country, the minister underlined the numerous innovations in medicine and unrivaled position of Iran in the area of transplantation in the region. “In a single Iran’s hospital over 600 liver transplant procedures are performed annually, which is an unprecedented record in the world,” the minister added.

He further said that Iran has also good condition in heart, pancreas, intestine and kidney transplantation, adding that while it enjoys proper human medical resources, its medical infrastructures should be reconstructed.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he stressed the Iran’s achievements in the area of medical tourism and further hoped that investment opportunities in the post-sanctions era boost the industry in the country.