US reacting defensively to Russia in Syria: Analyst

The United States is reacting “defensively” to Russia’s air campaign in Syria, fearing that Moscow is in pursuit of bigger goals in the Middle East, says an analyst.

“It’s being discovered quote unquote that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin has bigger goals than originally stated and the United States is reacting very defensively to this,” Tim King, founder and editor of Global News Centre, said on Tuesday.

“Russia has been teaching the United States a lesson in fighting terrorism,” he said, adding that “Russian presence [in Syria] has just been quite an effective tool.”

King made the comments when asked about Secretary of State John Kerry’s plan to meet with Russian, Saudi and Turkish leaders to discuss a “tangible” solution to the Syria crisis.

Kerry said Monday there was no military solution to the conflict and that “propping up [President Bashar al-] Assad will ultimately fail.”

Russia has intensified its air strikes in Syria to target Daesh (ISIL) terrorists. Washington accuses Moscow of running a “fundamentally flawed” campaign that could further escalate the conflict.

“Everyone, including Russia and Iran, has said there is no military solution. This is a human catastrophe that not only threatens the integrity of whole country but also of countries around the region,” Kerry told reporters in Spain.

Kerry is on a European tour and has already traveled to France and Italy. After his visit in Madrid, he will make a stop in Germany, where he is expected to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss heightened tensions in the occupied Palestinian territories.

King told Press TV that the US and Israel are pursuing policy goals in the Middle East “that don’t serve anyone, but themselves.”

“There is no interest in maintaining any level of human rights in Israel toward the Palestinians, [on the part of] the United States again particularly toward the Iraqis and… backing these terrorists in their effort to defeat President Assad,” he continued.

The US and its regional allies, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have been backing militants fighting the Syrian government.

By Press TV