General Hossein Hamedani

IRGC chief lauds general Hamedani’s role in mobilizing Syrian forces

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Major General Hossein Hamedani, the Iranian commander who was martyred during a recent advisory mission in Syria, had made heroic efforts to mobilize around 100,000 Syrian voluntary forces in the battle against foreign insurgency, the IRGC commander said.

As a seasoned commander with valuable experience of dealing with insecurity and mobilizing voluntary forces, General Hamedani rushed to help Syria on his own volition when the crisis broke out there some four years ago, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said in a television talk show.

The late commander was well aware that the only procedure for fighting off insecurity in Syria would be mobilizing the popular forces, he added.

Today’s mobilization of around 100 thousand Syrian people in the fight against insecurity owes much to General Hamedani’s influential role, Major General Jafari added.

Major General Hamedani was martyred on October 8 by the ISIL terrorists on the outskirts of the Syrian city of Aleppo while in an advisory mission.

A one-time commander during the 8-year Iraqi imposed war on Iran in the 1980s, the general was a senior military advisor who played a decisive role in the protection of the holy shrine of Sayyida Zeinab (AS) against terrorist attacks.

The shrine of Sayyida Zeinab, a sister of the third Shiite Imam (AS), is located in Damascus.

By Tasnim News Agency