Velayati: No future plans for Syria without Assad

Tehran, Oct 11, IRNA – Head of Strategic Research Center in Expediency Council has said Iran would not agree with any plan excluding Assad from future of Syria.

Ali Akbar Velayati who was speaking to Al-Alam TV Network said that Russia cooperated with Iran on Syria in fighting terrorist groups. This was mentioned by Western sources as well and added that ‘we are friends and allies of Syria and Iraq”.

“Since the early days of unrest in Syria, US and Western-backed terrorists roamed the country, purportedly to break the anti-Zionist resistance led by Syria in the region. Iran knows about this critical issue very well and would not hesitate in supporting Bashar al-Assad. Russia shares this position with us and will naturally cooperate with us on Syria. Our cooperation with Russia on Syria is no secret. Our intention is to neutralize the illegitimate foreign plan to overthrow the democratically-elected Syrian government,” he emphasized to Al-Alam program.

Velayati pointed out that Russian air strikes against ISIL could target the terrorist group’s strongholds in Iraq if such a cooperation is requested. “We do not think that Russia would refrain from carrying out the Iraqi request,” he added.

He roundly rejected any plans which excluded Assad from the country’s political future. “Any Iranian plan for Syria should have Syrian people’s and government’s consent behind it; our plan would not identify any viable alternative to the current Syrian government which fought steadfastly the enemies of resistance; as far as we know, Syrian people have redlines. One example is fighting the Zionist regime, and any government disputing these redlines cannot assume power in Syria,” Velayati added.

“The general content of the plan suggests that a government should rule Syria which has the support of the majority; Bashar al-Assad, we believe, would win another election, since he has made many sacrifices for Syrian people,” he asserted.