Foreign Ministry condoles nation on Mina tragedy

Tehran, Oct 4, IRNA – In a statement released on Sunday, Iranian Foreign Ministry condoled with world Muslims, Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution, and the great Iranian nation on Mina tragedy.

The ministry expressed condolences over the incident which claimed lives of hundreds of Iranian pilgrims on such a great day as Aid al-Adha.

It said the foreign ministry assumes the responsibility of mobilizing all its diplomatic potential to restore rights of all victims and their families.

It said the ministry has already taken the necessary measures to explore the causes of the incident.

The Iranian foreign ministry further highlighted the need for Saudi Arabian organizations to adopt measures to provide security to the Hajj pilgrims and said the Saudi government is responsible for the stampede.

The statement urged full cooperation on the part of the Saudi officials with Tehran till the identification of Iranian victims are totally completed and their bodies are restored to the country.

It also called on the Saudi government to comply an impartial and speedy report on the various aspects of the catastrophe.