Source dismisses as “psychological war” claims on Iran’s arms cargo for Yemen

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An informed source at Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday categorically denied reports about confiscation of an Iranian boat in the Sea of Oman carrying weapons for Yemen.
The source said the allegations about an Iranian dhow with a cargo of weapons was a “false” report and a “psychological war”.
The source underlined that people of Yemen do not need Iran’s arms to confront the aggressors.
“It is obvious that the news fabrications and the allegations raised (against Iran) are baseless and the (Saudi-led) coalition forces have resorted to a worn-out and repeated scenario following the recent tragedy in Mina.”
Iranian officials said about 4,700 pilgrims were killed in the crush in Mina on September 24 when performing religious rites. With the death toll rising, many pilgrims are still unaccounted for in the incident that marked the worst Hajj disaster in 25 years.
So far, at least 239 Iranian pilgrims have been pronounced dead in the disaster. This is while some 240 Iranians have gone missing.
The source further noted that the baseless claim by no means justify the crimes committed against humanity and war crimes perpetrated by the Saudi government in Yemen and also the destruction of a Muslim country’s infrastructures.

By Tasnim News Agency