Majlis Research Center condemns Hajj mismanagement by Saudi rulers

Qom, Oct 1, IRNA – The Research Center of Iran’s Majlis (Parliament) in a statement on Thursday condemned Saudi rulers’ mismanagement and inefficiency in handling the Mina tragedy.

The Mina disaster that happened a week ago (September 24) and claimed lives of near 5,000 pilgrims including 464 Iranians was the result of the Saudi rulers’ lack of competence in administrating the annual Hajj rituals.

The statement also expressed sympathy with the families of the victims over the tragic incident.

The deadly stampede happened whem pilgrims were on their way to jamarāt to perform the ‘stoning of the devil’ ritual.

The Stoning of the Devil is part of the annual Islamic Hajj pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. The pilgrims throw small pebbles at three stone structures which represent the devil.