Rouhani & Steve Inskeep

Rouhani: There are ‘differing viewpoints’ in Iran over nuclear deal

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani tells NPR that much like in the United States, there are in his country “two differing viewpoints” on the six-party nuclear deal – one that is cautiously optimistic of success and another which is highly skeptical of Washington’s desire to live up to its end of the bargain.

Rouhani, speaking to Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep in an interview to be aired on Monday, also says that Iran is prepared to discuss options for Syria after the Islamic State is defeated, but that those allied against ISIS must first come together to “drive out the terrorists.”

In the 40-minute interview, Rouhani touched on the agreement struck in July to limit Tehran’s nuclear program, saying that there are those in Iran who “question whether [there is] a real political will to adhere to the letter of this agreement.”

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Interview with @NPR now. revived hope that negotiations, though not easy, can resolve complicated cases