Mina deadly stampede caused by Saudis incompetence, Sunni clerics say

Tehran, September 27, The Iran ProjectAlong with the Shia senior clerics, a number of the Sunni clerics strongly condemn the disastrous Mina incident, stressing that the Thursday’s deadly stampede was caused by the Saudi government incompetence.

Mamusta Mollaghader Ghaderi, the Sunni prayers leader of Paveh, issued a statement in which he expressed the deep sorrow over the deaths of hundreds at Hajj pilgrimage.

Speaking to reporters, Mamusta Abdollah Ghafouri, the Sunni prayers leader of Ravansar, said this tragic incident proves that the Hajj management should be assigned to a joint committee of all Muslim countries.

Mamusta Beizavi, the Sunni prayers leader of Urmia, highlighted the Saudi Arabia major responsibility over the safety of the pilgrims, adding that the Saudi Arabia holy sites belong to all Muslims.

On other separate statements, Molavi Ahmad Parsa, the Sunni prayers leader of Sarakhs, Mamusta Yahya Islameli, the Sunni prayer leader of Mahabad, Mamusta Mustafa Shirzadi, the Sunni prayers leader of Marivan, Mamusta Omar Mandi, the Sunni prayers leader of Piranshahr and Mamusta Omar Motikhani strongly blamed the Saudi Arabia over the Mina disaster, reiterating that this is a testimony of Riyadh government incapability in managing the haj affairs.