Nahavandian: Foreign firms should bring capital, technology to Iran

Tehran, Sept 18, IRNA – Presidential Chief of Staff, Mohammad Nahavandian, said that foreign companies should bring capital and technology to Iran in post-sanction era.

Referring to the arrival of foreign companies in Iran and their interest in investing in the country’s economy, he added that post-sanctions opportunity should be seized properly to bolster national production and further activation of economic wheels.

Nahavandian also reiterated that the government insists that the agreements with foreign firms should not turn the country into a gateway for imports, saying that foreign sides were clearly informed that the only way for their presence in Iran is participation and investment.

Only the companies to bring in capital and technology will be allowed to enter the country’s economic undertakings, the official said, noting that in that case, Iranian projects will be mutually beneficial.

Nahavandian also said that the yardstick for selecting foreign companies will be general policies of resistance economy.