Erdogan projecting wrongdoings on Iran, Russia

Turkey has taken no steps against ISIS since it joined the international alliance against this terrorist group.

It has been several weeks since Turkey joined the international anti-ISIS alliance, but as it could be predicted, Turkey has taken no effective step against ISIS. Conversely, President Erdogan has blamed Iran, Russia, and the EU for the emergence of the Syrian crisis in his most recent remarks.

According to Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, Erdogan has claimed that Iran and Russia are responsible for the Syrian migration crisis due to their support for the Assad regime. Iran and Russia have never been concerned about resolving the crisis in Syria, and they have never thought of the removal of the “oppressive” Syrian leader, Bashar Assad, Erdogan said.

He also claimed, “Iran and Russia should take some steps. These two countries are the Syrian regime’s supporters. I publicly announce this issue, because I have already talked to both countries’ officials. I have no other option but to state this fact because I am sad. Iran and Russia provide money and armament to Bashar Assad. Their main goal is to suppress the Syrian rebels.”

He also contended that ISIS is acting alongside the Syrian regime and that Damascus is its main supporter. Thus, states which support Assad are responsible for the current catastrophe.

Complaining that European countries have left him alone in fighting against terrorism, he also accused the EU of not acting against the PKK, although its name is on their list of terrorist groups.

These statements have been made by Erdogan whilst almost all analysts emphasize that Ankara’s policy is one of the main causes of the emergence of ISIS and other terrorist groupsin the Middle East. Throughout the last four years, there have been several reports on Turkey’s support for terrorists, ranging from the provision of financial and military aids to permitting terrorists to pass through Turkey’s territory to reach Syria.

In the meantime, Erdogan has not mentioned the fact that Turkey has taken no steps against ISIS since it joined the international alliance against this terrorist group. On the contrary, Ankara has used this move to cover its assault against the PKK and to intensify its support for rebels and terrorist groups in Syria.

Erdogan claimed that neither Iran nor Russia are seeking mediation in Syria while surprisingly these two countries are the only states which have offered clear proposals to resolve the Syrian crisis. Except insisting on Assad’s removal, Turkey has suggested no effective plan to resolve the crisis.

In the wake of the refugee crisis as the main challenge for the EU, Erdogan’s approach has been to project the issue in order to accuse Iran and Russia to prevent critics against his administration’s policy in Syria.

By Iranian Diplomacy