Tehran to hold conference on Iran-China cultural relations

Tehran, September 16, The Iran Project – The fourth conference on Iran-China cultural relations, attended by some experts form the two countries, will be held in the Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations (ICRO) in Tehran on Sep. 19.

Based on an agreement between the ICRO’s research and training center and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), the conference is held periodically in order to create a better understanding of the cultural background of the two countries.

So far, the first and third periods of the conference have been held in Beijing hosted by the Academy of Social Sciences, and the second one held in Tehran hosted by the Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations.

In the last three periods, cultural relations of the two countries were studied from different aspects, and in the 4th conference, five topics of reviving the Silk Road, extremism, Asian identity, the two countries inter-people and artistic relations will be discussed.

The 8-member Chinese Academy of Social Sciences will be arrived in Tehran on September 18 to attend the conference.