Saudi-UAE Plot to Divide Aden

Alwaght- While Saudi Arabia has failed in its five-month aggression against Yemen, now it has given a stronger role to the United Arab Emirates, so that together with this country can hatch its American-Israeli plot for dividing Aden and Hadhramaut. In fact, the plot of dividing Aden and Hadhramaut region which has targeted the independence of Yemeni territory, is the most recent conspiracy of the aggressors against the territorial integrity of Yemen.


This plan was introduced in the conditions that the US and Saudi Arabia are more than ever far from their goals in Yemen; however, they are looking for solutions and new conspiracies so that they can make the Yemeni nation surrender, a nation that has offered thousands of martyrs and wounded, mostly children and women. Besides, tens of thousands of Yemenis have been displaced and nearly 80% of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed.


The new plan of Saudi Arabia and the UAE for annexing Aden and Hadhramaut to the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council was revealed as the Intelligence Online, a French journal, reported last week that Saudi Arabia and UAE are hatching a plot to divide Yemen. The magazine stressed that according to the plan that has been prepared in al-Tanjah, Morocco, military commanders of Saudi Arabia and the UAE have ratified and confirmed that Saudi Arabia should take over northern Yemen, which borders Saudi Arabia, and the UAE and should also wrest control over eastern part of the country. According to the plan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE will jointly administer the central regions of Yemen, including Ma’rib governorate, which are particularly rich in oil reserves.


Incoming reports from Yemen indicate that Saudi Arabia and the UAE seek to occupy three cities of Yemen including Taiz, Aden and Ma’rib. This is a prelude to the occupation of Sanaa, the Yemeni capital. Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have reportedly prepared more than 30 thousand military forces to attack Sanaa.


In this regard, Dahi Khalfan Tamim, the Head of General Security for the Emirate of Dubai said last week that the flag of Aden and Hadhramaut governorates soon would be flying along the flags of the member states of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and these states would be in charge of the administration of Aden and Hadhramaut, until the future of northern regions of Yemen is determined.


Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been making attempts since three months ago to divide Yemen into two parts, northern and southern Yemen. Accordingly, over the last month, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have begun to launch fierce attacks against Taiz, Aden and Ma’rib; however, they have failed to reach their goals, because the Yemeni army and Ansarullah resolutely resist in those cities.



The role of the United Arab Emirates in dividing Yemen

Analysts believe that as the small state of the UAE cannot play any important role in the Syrian conflict, it has found that the aggression of Saudi-US coalition forces against Yemen, could serve as an opportunity for the UAE to achieve a higher position in the Arab world as did Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The experts emphasize that the UAE seeks to dominate the port of Aden in Yemen which is of strategic importance.

The UAE support terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda in southern Yemen, so that it can take over Aden and get back Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi to Yemen, the fugitive Yemeni President. The UAE has sent many of its troops and equipment to the city of Aden, where mercenaries affiliated to the UAE and Saudi Arabia have seized control of the city for a while.



Saudi Arabia and the plan to divide Yemen 

After five months of aggression in which Saudi Arabia has failed to make any significant achievement, Riyadh is now striving for disintegration of Yemen.  To achieve its objectives, Al Saud has asked the UAE to accompany it, as it has utterly failed and was not able to get back Mansour Hadi to power in Yemen. Therefore, the Saudis are looking for other alternatives to defeat the Yemeni army and popular committees.

In recent decades, Saudis have played a major role in bringing mercenary Presidents into power in Yemen. Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi was also brought into power based on a similar plan, but the Yemeni nation ran out of patience and in the framework of a revolution made the puppet president flee to Saudi Arabia.

The project of dividing Yemen is within the framework of the US-Israel projects to divide and disintegrate the Islamic states such as Syria, Iraq, etc. Saudi Arabia’s failure to fulfill its objectives in Yemen has made these countries to consider any proposed plan in line with inflicting harm on the people of Yemen and eliminating the territorial integrity of Yemen.


By Al Waght