CBI deputy governor: Iran, Austria to expand banking, economic ties after sanctions

TEHRAN (FNA)- Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Akbar Komeijani expressed confidence that banking and economic relations between Tehran and Vienna would return to the level before the imposition of the sanctions against Iran soon in future.

“The current disorder in the banking relations between Iran and other countries is due to the imposition of the unfair sanctions and we will return to the desired conditions after their removal,” Komeijani said in a meeting with a high-ranking delegation from Austria’s central bank in Tehran on Wednesday.

“We hope that the banking relations between Iran and Austria expand so that the conditions will be ripe for exchange of views and information and transferring experience,” he added.

Komeijani also underlined that Iran is a reputable and highly credited country in paying its foreign debts, “a fact which was even proved during the Iraqi-imposed war against Iran (1980-1988)”.

The Austrian delegation is in Iran accompanying the European country’s president.

Last night hundreds of Iranian and Austrian traders and businessmen signed contracts worth a total of 80 million euros in the framework of 15 MoUs in Tehran’s Summit Hall.

“The Austrian government comprises two main political coalitions both of which lay emphasis on and are very eager to create a strong economic bond with Iran,” Austrian President Heinz Fischer said in Tehran the same day.

He reiterated that Vienna is willing to cooperate with Iran in both political and economic fields, and said, “All of us want establishment of friendly relations between Iran and Austria; economic and political relations play complementary roles to each other, so improvement of diplomatic ties will result in boosting economic cooperation and it will in turn make the two nations get closer to each other.”

President Fischer underlined that the conditions are now ripe for broadening the two countries’ relations.

By Fars News Agency