Iran unveils 4 new drugs for MS patients

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran on Wednesday unveiled 4 new medicines for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients in a ceremony participated by Deputy Health Minister Rasoul Dinarvand.

The ceremony was held at Shimi Bakhtar pharmaceutical factory in the Western province of Kermanshah on Wednesday morning.

The newly-unveiled medicines include Subiovir 400, Biosacol 800, Milo Biox 120 and Sam Biox.

Iran in 2013 launched the production line of an oral medication for the treatment of the patients suffering from the MS disease.

The researchers of Iran’s Osweh Pharmaceutical Company went through all the needed stages for the production of Fingolimod drug without any outside help, the company officials said at the time.

In relevant remarks in 2014, an official announced that Iran gained self-sufficiency in producing blood factor 7 products – used to treat hemophilia disease – and MS drugs, adding that the country had also managed to produce a new type of hi-tech anti-cancer drug and the raw material for penicillin G.

“The production line of a new hi-tech anti-cancer drug named Docetaxel will be inaugurated in Iran next Saturday which has applications in treating different types of cancer,” Deputy Head of Iran’s Food and Drug Organization Shams Ali Rezazadeh told FNA.

Also last month, Secretary of Tehran Pharmacists Association Mohammad Reza Dorri announced Iran’s major achievements in production of drugs for different diseases, and said the country is among the first 15 world states in the pharmaceutical industry.

“Iran is among the first 15 world states in producing medicine,” Dorri told FNA on Saturday.

He referred to Iran’s eye-catching progress in the medical industry, including biotechnology and producing hormone drugs and different blood factors, in recent years, and said given the high quality of the country’s products, the regional countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Baltics and former Soviet states had shown eagerness to buy the Iran-made products.

By Fars News Agency