Iran police confiscate cars of drivers wearing immodest dress

Tehran, September 2, The Iran Project – Tehran traffic police chief says the cars of drivers wearing immodest dresses and those who create trouble for other drivers or  pedestrians will be confiscated. 

Stressing that drivers wearing immodest dresses will be dealt with seriously, Tehran Traffic Police Chief Teymour Hosseini said on Wednesday that they impounded 30,000 cars for speeding and other traffic-related violations.

In response to a question on what will traffic police officers do in dealing with immodest drivers, Hosseini said they will not only warn them but impound their cars.

He went on to say that police seriously deal with any action that is against social norms and disturbs public order.

Also, Head of Tehran Police announced on Tuesday that police seized clothing with US and UK flags, and also Garments imprinted with “Satanic symbols,” noting that any stores that sell such items “will be closed.”