Iran police to deal firmly with officers disrespecting Afghan refugees

Tehran, August 17, The Iran Project – The spokesman of Iran’s police says the police will certainly confront the officers that do not respect legal rules and human rights in dealing with Afghan refugees on their missions.

Saying that the police are required to follow the Sharia and legal rules and human rights in dealing with the refugees on their missions, Saeed Montazerolmahdi, the spokesman of Iran’s police warned the officers over disobeying the rules.

In response to the criticisms of Iran’s police improper treatment with illegal foreign nationals and Afghans in Iran, and its coincidence with the Supreme Leader’s order not to deprive undocumented Afghan children from education, Montazerolmahdi pointed out that in the Islamic tradition, all are equal before the law and the plan of collecting foreign nationals who are illegally living in Iran has been implemented following the order of the Interior Ministry’s Immigration Commission.

He referred to the abnormal acts of some illegal foreign nationals and their resistance against the police’s mission as the only reasons of the police treatment, as well.