British Embassy will reopen in Tehran within few months: UK MP

London, August 15, IRNA – A Senior British MP, hailed nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 saying that the deal struck on July 14 will facilitate closer relationships between UK and Iran and reopening of the British Embassy in Tehran as well.
‘Eric Lubbock’ an English politician told IRNA in an exclusive interview that the process for reopening of the British Embassy in Tehran has started and “it is now bound to continue”.

He did not pinpoint any specific date for the reopening of the Embassy but rejected the idea that it will be more than “few months”.
Lubbock, well-known as Lord Avebury said: It has to go through certain formalities; They have some technical difficulties with reopening the embassy, which I hope will be resolved within a very short time.

“It is planned and will happen. It will be the beginning of a much more closer relationship between UK and Iran,” said Eric Lubbock.
‘We poised to have much closer relationships through the opening of the embassy and through the growth of contacts both on the official scale and informal scale meaning growth of tourism to Iran.’

“I believe there is a great future in the UK-Iranian relationship” stressed the British MP.

Asked about US congress response to the nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Lord Avebury said: It is always a difficult problem the extent to which an agreement reached by the US president will be endorsed by the congress; but I hope that US president Barack Obama will have the influence within the congress to ensure that it will be signed and delivered.

He warned that should the congress disapprove the agreement, it “will be a disaster for the whole world”

Meanwhile, the British politician welcomed the election of president Rouhani in Iran, and said: I think there is an opening of change in Iran, which has not yet been fully explored; I think that the Iranian government is prepared to think about its policies in relation to being more friendly with the West and with Britain in particular.
He added: We had historic ties and I believe that they should improve to those days.

Lord Avebury said that there is possibility of enhancing relationships both in terms of Trade, investment and cultural ties and “there are endless scope for improvement in relationship between the two countries”.

The British politician also highlighted Iran’s effective role in the Middle East, particularly in campaign against Daesh terror group.

He said: Iran is deeply concerned with the growth of Daesh and wants to see it reduced and that’s a policy that they have in common with us.

Lord Avebury dismissed any significant differences in British and Iranian policies to combat Daesh and said: We are a member of a Saudi-led coalition, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot cooperate in campaign against Daesh with the Iranian forces.