Jannati: Ministry of Culture not to authorize MPs to issue publication

Tehran, August 8, The Iran Project – Ministry of Culture is not going to authorize members of parliament to issue publications, Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance says at the Reporter’s Day ceremony in Tehran’s Vahdat HAll.

Speaking to reporters on National Reporter’s Day, Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Ali Jannati, said on Saturday that the ministry is not currently authorizing members of parliament to issue publication.

Jannati’s remarks came after the failure of Iran’s weekly “9-day” to comply with the media law in Iran, which says that media must obey and follow any instructions received from the Supreme National Security Council and avoid publishing defamation against Iranian authorities.

The weekly was banned for criticizing the government over its negotiations with world powers on the country’s nuclear program.

“9-day” directed by a Principlist parliamentarian, Hamid Ressaie, wrote many articles criticizing the Iranian government’s foreign policies and the nuclear talks, as well.