Iran responds strongly to US smallest action: IRGC official

Tehran, Aug 4, IRNA – A senior commander at the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said Iran is ready to respond to the smallest action by the US as strongly as it could not even imagine.

Addressing a local ceremony in the northern province of Gilan, Navy Commander of the IRGC Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said Iran today has turned into an active deterrent power.
The US has been repeatedly talking about something that it is not able to do, stressed the commander.

For many years, the US flaunted its options on the table, said he, adding Washington does well know that it is not able to stand against the Islamic Republic’s power.
About Iran’s different maneuvers, he said they indicate only some parts of the Islamic Revolution’s capability.

Iran, the commander stressed, is now at the highest level of readiness to stand against the enemies.

Turning to nuclear negotiations, Fadavi described those talks as opportunity for the other side.

For years, they had been asking to hold talks with us, said he.

He further described today as a chance for them to make use of it.

About the world arrogance, the commander said the nation could defeat the arrogant powers in all scenes.

Referring to the US forces in the region, he said they, in the end, realized that their presence does not bring regional security but aggravates insecurity.