Iran to unveil new generation of Dara and Sara dolls

Tehran, August 2, The Iran Project – Third generation of Dara and Sara dolls will be unveiled in Tehran along with the opening ceremony of the first national festival and exhibition of dolls.

Third generation of Dara and Sara dolls, wearing local clothes of Iranian people, will be displayed in a special booth and children can take selfies with their larger samples.

The new generation dolls have some differences from the previous ones, the most important one is their moving knee and elbow joints and the shape and material of their eyes.They are also reportedly made of best European materials.

Iran decided to develop specially-designed Dara and Sara dolls as an antidote to the “harmful” influence of dolls and accessories from America.

Dara and Sara dolls are Iranian toys. They were first unveiled in 2002, as an alternative to the Barbie doll. 100,000 of the dolls were made in the first round of production by a manufacturer in Hong Kong. The dolls cost less than Barbie dolls, and are meant to promote Persian culture. Dara and Sara are available in different styles, modeled after traditional clothing.