Mahmud Sheikh-Zeineddin

Vice Pres: Iranian scientists’ knowledge urged West to deal

Isfahan, July 30, IRNA – Vice President for Scientific and Technological Affairs Mahmud Sheikh-Zeineddin said it was Iranian scientists’ knowledge and technological capabilities that urged the Western countries to sit at negotiation table with Iran.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of a job creating conference titled ‘Harmonized Note’ in Isfahan on Wednesday night Sheikh-Zeineddin hoed that the result of the nuclear negotiations will get tied with rationalism and sound wisdom, noting that the Western countries’ economic and political delegations have today queued up for entering Iran.

‘Thanks to the blessing of the Iranian elite scientists and politicians, when those Western delegations enter Iran, too, they face major changes and evolutions,’ said the vice president.

He said that the major capitals of our country today are the elites adding that no major task is of greater importance than heeding those capitals that had once got left idle on the ground in Iran.

The vice president also said that science generates wealth and the Iranian young generation has well recognized this fact.