Iran, Hezbollah support all resistance flag bearers: Nasarallh

Tehran, July 29, IRNA – Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement said his group and Islamic Republic of Iran supprot all holders of the anti-Israel occupation regardless of being Shia or Sunni groups.

The Palestinian cause is above all political, sectarian and ethnic interests, he said addressing the Conference of International Union of Resistance Scholars in Beirut, and assured that despite all ordeals the region has been passing through, Muslims “will inevitably pray in al-Quds.”

The Muslim nation has been inflicted by major losses in the past few years due to the regrettable events which took place in several countries, he added, the Zionist entity took advantage of these events as it sought normalization of ties with some Arab states, Al-Manar TV quoted him saying.

Saying that the Muslims won’t abandon Palestine, he said, both Hezbollah and Iran support all those who hold the resistance flag regardless of their sectarian belongings.

Nasralla urged religious scholars to exert their efforts in a bid to fortify the ideological identity of the struggle with the Zionist entity.

“Among other losses are the crises in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, in a addition to antagonizing Iran which is the major supporter in confronting the Zionist scheme,” Hezbollah secretary general said referring to the upheavals in the region.

Meanwhile, he added, the Zionist enemy has been seeking to normalize ties with several Arab states, and is taking advantage of the losses inflicted upon the resistance project.

Nasrallah referred to what he said last year during Al-Quds International Day, that “We the Shia of Ali (AS) will never abandon Palestine.’

He stressed that this saying was not sectarian or political; rather it was ideological because Palestine is an ideological cause.

“We (the Shia) won’t abandon Palestine and its people at any rate,” he added.

At the end of the speech, Nasrallah said that “Israel, the cancerous tumor, will be wiped out, stressing that the day in which “we will pray in Al-Quds is inevitably coming.”