Iran petrol output at 63ml/d

TEHRAN July 26 (Shana)–9 Iranian refineries account for production of 63 million liters of gasoline every day, a top petroleum official said.

Managing-Director of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company Abbas Kazemi said Iran’s gasoline production is at an acceptable state for the time being.
Iran imports 5ml/d of gasoline to meet its domestic need for petrol, he said.

Kazemi said the quality of the petrol produced at Isfahan, Tabriz and Abadan refineries has raised considerably in comparison with the previous Iranian calendar year which ended March 20 2015.
“All the petrol output from Arak Refinery meets euro-4 quality standards,” said the official, adding that part of the gasoline processed at Isfahan and Tabriz refineries is euro-4 as well.

Iran has numerous plans for increasing its production of gasoline, which, if coupled with the ongoing negative trend in imports, could bring the country’s total daily production to around 70 million liters.
Kazemi announced last May that Iran is planning to become an exporter of high-standard gasoline in 2015 as the country is becoming capable of meeting its domestic needs.