UK to hold referendum on EU membership in June 2016: Report

British Prime Minister David Cameron says UK is set to hold a referendum on the country’s future membership in the European Union in June 2016, a report says.

“Cameron has decided to pencil in June of next year,” said the UK daily Independent on Sunday, adding that the timing of the referendum would be announced during an annual conference of his Conservative Party in October this year.

A spokeswoman for Cameron’s office refused to comment on the report.

Under pressure from Eurosceptic members of his party, and the rise in popularity of the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP), Cameron has pledged to renegotiate Britain’s ties with the 28-nation bloc.

The premier has said he will campaign in favor of remaining in the EU, but is pressing for restrictions on EU migrants’ access to welfare payments in the UK, increased powers for London, and the ability to avoid closer political integration.

Last month, legislation paving the way for the referendum passed its first obstacle in the UK parliament’s House of Commons, but still needs to be ratified by the House of Lords, Britain’s upper house of the parliament.

EU membership has long been a contentious topic in Britain. Eurosceptics, who believe the UK would be better off outside the political and economic union, seek the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Various polls have indicated that the British public is divided on the issue.

By Press TV