Iranian official asks Arab States to learn from Turkey’s ISIL experience

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Office for Political Affairs Hamid Aboutalebi referred to Turkey’s Friday airstrikes against the ISIL positions in Syria, and said the Arab states which support the terrorist group should take a lesson from Ankara.
“The ISIL is a threat to Turkey’s national security and the dimensions of this threat are expanding every day,” Aboutalebi wrote on his tweeter page on Saturday.

Voicing regret that certain Arab countries are supporting the ISIL, he said, “If they don’t learn their lesson from Turkey, they will be forced to fight terrorism in their capitals.”

“Terrorism is not a puppet to be played the way you want; playing with fire ends in fire.”

Turkey has been criticized in recent years for its support for the ISIL terrorists in Syria and the fury increased inside the country after it was revealed that the suicide bomber who killed at least 32 people at a cultural center in Southeastern Turkey earlier this week was identified as a Turkish citizen who is believed to have had ties to the ISIL.

The bomber, Seyh Abdurrahman Alagoz, a 20-year-old university student who had recently returned from Syria, was identified through DNA testing, according to reports in the Turkish news media.

“The investigation is ongoing, but we have evidence that the suspect was linked to Daesh (ISIL),” the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity in line with government protocol.

After the suicide blast, Turkish fighter jets bombed the ISIL positions in neighboring Syria for the first time in a pre-dawn attack Friday, the Turkish government announced.

In another sign of Turkey’s new aggressive stance against the ISIL, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed Friday that his country had agreed to allow manned aircraft and drones from a US-led coalition to use the Incirlik Air Base in Southern Turkey to launch airstrikes against the militants. The government said in a statement that the Turkish Air Force would join the coalition’s campaign for the first time.

By Fars News Agency