Minister: Resistance economy to be followed after sanctions

Tehran, July 11, IRNA – Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Ali Tayyebnia, to a question about the effects of lifting sanctions on Iran’s economic condition, said it can provide a better condition for the economic improvement so that reforms can be made in the country’s economic situation.

Tayyenbia said even after cancellation of sanctions, direction of resistance economy will be followed as it will facilitate and lower the cost of reforms of vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the country’s economic system.

The minister, who had participated in the Qods Day rallies, said people of Islamic Iran have always taken part gloriously in the Qods Day ceremonies and this year they will display their permanent solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian nation.

He said the message of the rally will be unity and steadfastness against tyranny and aggression.

The minister expressed hope that with regard to the solidarity which exists in Muslim nations, grounds will be prepared for the domination of righteousness over falsehood.